The future ofcommunicationsis already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed yet

WIlliam Gibson wrote “the future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed yet.” This is true of public relations and communications. Too often it is late to the party. It is too slow to innovate. It lacks courage.

Purposeful Relations‘ purpose is to change that.

We want to distribute the future of communications all around the world, from the largest companies and most powerful governments to campaigning charities and plucky start-ups.

Successful businesses must look inside and outside themselves to understand their place in the powerful forces that are redefining our world through society, the environment and political issues.

Our core team is based in the UK and we work globally to help you modernise and future-proof your public relations, communications and corporate affairs.

Our CommsTransform™ platform is a digital transformation roadmap that is your most direct route to working with us to ensure your corporate communications and public relations benefits from the technology revolution that has already transformed other sectors such as legal, finance and marketing. We are tech and vendor agnostic so you will always get an honest opinion.

We work with you as advisers, trainers or mentors to help you keep up and get ahead of the the future of communications.


Ethical commitment

We are committed to the highest standards of probity and comply with industry standard professional codes of conduct. As we work internationally, we strive to ensure our work complies with the relevant global codes and in each country we operate in.

Global Alliance – The GA Ethical PR Project aims to develop a global standard for the ethical practice of public relations.

ICCO – International Communication Consultants Organisation Professional Charter (Stockholm Charter) and Helsinki Declaration.

AMEC – International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication’s Barcelona Principles 3.0.

CIPR – Chartered Institute of Public Relations Professional Code of Conduct.

PRCA – Public Relations Communications Association Professional Code of Conduct.