Technology has revolutionised marketing and many other disciplines, while communications and public relations miss out on the opportunities. Purposeful Relations exists to supercharge your communications by fusing the most advanced technology with the latest professional practice.

Our CommsTransform™ platform creates your digital transformation roadmap to help you supercharge your communications, public relations and corporate affairs. We use CommsTransform™ to conduct an in-depth audit of your technology, culture and working practices to identify how you can revolutionise the performance and impact of your communications and benefit from the best PRTech, CommTech and MarTech.

Purposeful Relations uses its knowledge and experience to work globally with in-house communications teams and PR agencies to improve performance in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

CommsTransform™ is a digital transformation roadmap to help you supercharge your communications. Purposeful Relations conducts an in-depth audit and analysis of your technology, culture and working practices to identify where technology and new professional practice can revolutionise the performance of your communications and public relations.

Who are we?

We are founded by a team which combines decades of experience in public relations and decades of experience in technology and digital transformation. A unique combination that enables us to cut through the hype to deliver PRTech and CommTech that works.

Why work with us?

We are tech and vendor agnostic, so you will always get an honest opinion. We provide bespoke solutions that solve your problems and improves the value of communications to your organisation. We simplify the complex and identify what will work best for you.

We have established a global Advisory Board of senior external experts from professional practice and academia. It provides insights and critical thinking on the future of society and business as well as public relations and communications. Our board is steeped in professional practice, learning, ESG, AI, AR, VR, behavioural science and much more.

Our Advisory Board

What can we do for you?

Purposeful Relations uses CommsTransform™ to create a digital transformation roadmap to help you supercharge your communications. We also provide consultancy and professional development services to improve the performance of public relations and communications teams.

The purpose of CommsTransform™ is to improve performance and make your communications more cost-effective.

Comms technology

Our team of public relations and technology experts help in-house communications teams and PR agencies to identify, evaluate, select, buy and implement PRTech, CommTech and MarTech. We are tech and vendor agnostic so can help you get the most cost-effective solutions.

Professional development

Technology alone will not revolutionise your communications. It needs to be used effectively and for your team to embrace it through cultural change and adopting new professional practices. We will identify and deliver learning and development opportunities to ensure your team is a step ahead.

Emerging practice

Modern communications professionals need to understand and embrace behavioural science and use insights to develop campaigns that change behaviour. ESG (environment, society and governance) and purpose are advancing up the agenda and corporate affairs needs to be part of it. We help you do this.

Measurement and evaluation

How do you measure your communication and corporate affairs? How do you use data and analytics to improve performance? How do you evaluate and demonstrate success? We help you to improve the measurement and evaluation of your communication, reputation, relationships and corporate affairs.

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